Where Did It All Start?!

Posted by Jessica Segoviano on Oct 24th 2018

The earliest evidence of glazed brick is the discovery of glazed bricks in a Temple in Chogha Zanbil, a village in Iran around 13th century BC. Glazed and colored bricks were popular in Ancient Mesopotamia and most famously the Ishtar Gate of Babylon that was made around 575 BC it was excavated and then rebuilt from natural stones and bricks as recently as the 1930’s

Uprise began in Mesopotamia, there were few natural stones for building homes traditionally or what was considered traditionally but what there was, was a hole lot of mud :) especially from the rivers like the Euphrates. So the people developed the technology of making kiln-fired bricks to use as an alternative of stones. They began to use it to reinforce important buildings like temples, palaces, city walls and gates.

There is also several examples in places like India and Pakistan where loaded people aka royalty had their floors and pools covered in glazed brick. Then later around the end of the Persian empire people began to use different designs like flowers, plant, birds and even people!

Turquoise tiling became the most popular trend in the 10th-11th century it was mostly used on mosque walls to design them with different scriptures. Thankfully the trend never left… well the trend of turquoise :) On a recent trip to Turkey I was able to see of these tiles first hand and the detail and love put in to each one is really significant.                           

Personally the most impressive and gorgeous forms of ancient tile work that I’ve seen is definitely that of the Shah Mosque it is completely stunning and mesmerizing and definitely a great piece to let your creative juices flowing in order to make your own home a work of art itself!

Remember, you must always consider this when designing or remodeling your home you want to make sure that just like those amazing tiles your home is your special place and should always be treated with the utmost love and caring for you and your family!