Ready, Set, Go! Hardwood VS. Porcelain?

Ready, Set, Go! Hardwood VS. Porcelain?

Posted by Jessica Segoviano on Mar 1st 2019

Alright here it is... who will win? Consider your pros and cons to truly make the decision that best works for you, your family and budget. Because sometimes the little things make a big difference. 

                              WOOD                                                                               PORCELAIN 



Hardwood- it's timeless and completely gorgeous and as long as you take care of it you it will definitely add to your home's value. Unfortunately it is bitter-sweet that it's natural making it an addition of work to your already busy home. if you can constantly keep your floors away from constant spills and remember to refinish it every couple of years depending on foot traffic your floors can last generations!

Porcelain- Ok so it's very well known that tile is ridiculously durable. It's almost water-proof so need to worry about spills and small plumbing issues like over flowing toilets or bathtubs, it's scratch resistant and can hold up like no-one's business you don't have to worry about anything ruining your floors not even the huge china cabinet you're would completely scratch it. So with no crazy issues your porcelain floors can be longer lasting with less up keep.

Final Thought- It comes to mind that the flooring you pick should definitely fit in to your life. Perhaps a young couple might find it more financially savvy to get hardwood along with the upkeep, where a family of five might have want dependability over potentially gaining anything from a home resale in the future. 


Feet Love

Hardwood- Now the hardwood definitely wins on the warm side. Harwood will keep you feet nice and warm during the freezing winter night. Not only that but is pretty nice on your feet more comfortable to walk on in comparison. Your pets will also be happy as it not only helps you but your puppies as well. 

Porcelain- Ok we're in Tucson, AZ of course there are cold nights but not for much throughout the year and we're definitely not expecting snow. So I'd have to side with the porcelain, it's a lot cooler than hardwood and with a longer time of summer weather the cool floor is much more rewarding. And your pet's won't be upset either after hanging out in the park or going for a walk in 90+ degree weather they love to come in and lay on the floor and enjoy the cool. 

Final Thought- The East Coast would probably find a warmer home more enticing while an Arizonian such as myself would sway to something much cooler. At the end of the day, isn't that why they invented rugs? Still this could possibly be your "Forever Home" and whatever you choose should make you 100% happy!

So there are my most concerning questions when deciding between wood floors or wood-looking porcelain floors :) Let me know if you have any other questions!