Picking The Perfect Cement Tile!

Posted by Jessica Segoviano on Sep 24th 2018

Cement tiles come in a gorgeous variations of designs and colors. They truly give you the opportunity to express your ideas and create an atmosphere in your home that will put a smile on your face every time you see it. Perhaps an inspirational color or a design that gets your creative wheels turning. Whether it's a calming bathroom or an exciting kitchen, let your mind run wild with your own ideas. You get to create your own area of happiness!

Here are some Tips When Choosing Your Tiles

Pick the Larger items First

For example in a kitchen you would choose your cabinets or counters this way no matter which tile you like best you can completely customize to the colors or accent colors in your kitchen. It's better to customize a smaller project like your backsplash rather than trying to find the cabinets that best go with your back splash. Try to pick a design that speaks to you and move forward from there.  

They Are Handmade

Knowing that they are handmade is really important. This is because you will most likely not get the color you see online. Don't be fooled by a cheaper price or a closeout sale. It's always better to come in and see, feel and perhaps take a sample home to really appreciate it's artwork. And be 100% happy with your decision. 

Selecting a Color

When picking a color you must always work with what you have around you. For instance your bathroom, you may be in the middle of a full renovation and can pick out anything you'd like top to bottom or on the other hand maybe you only have time for a small project. Try not to get tile crazy and pick a color that will go with your surroundings as well as take on the test of time. A tile with a darker pigment is always best as the color's intensity will standout a lot more. 

Pick Quality Over Quantity

I'm sure you've heard of the hassles that come along with cement tiles. They stain easily, are hard to install and must be constantly sealed. We have traveled to several European countries and have seen cement tiles made centuries ago still holding on and looking more beautiful with time. Sometimes with certain products we must choose the best quality rather than the best price. If the thought of installing cement tiles is still scary perhaps take a look at local restaurant where they have some, these are high traffic areas and even with that they hold their beauty. 


Number one rule to live by when it comes to cement tiles is that if the installer you are working with is wary about installing the cement tiles then it's probably a good idea to move on to another guy. You've taken the time to find the perfect tile! Now you need to make sure nothing ruins that, make it a point to know that your installer knows what he's doing and is completely confident in his knowledge of cement tiles.

Good Luck!