4 Ways to Become Inspired to Create Your Version of Perfect!

Posted by Jessica Segoviano on Sep 15th 2018

Creativity is in all of us! Some just find it a little harder to spread their wings than others. Here are five things that can help you find the inspiration you've been searching for! And turn your new home into your dream come true!

1. Meditate - Yes, it sounds very millennial but the practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years and can do wonders in clearing your mind and helping you let go of all the stress in your life. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of meditation a day helps with anxiety and stress. People who meditate may have more control over how their brains process and are able to pay more attention to different sensations and ideas. 

It is said that when you’re in a listening state of mind, you put yourself in a position to receive new ideas and inspiration that you weren’t able to receive before because you were guarded and protected. Therefore new ideas and inspirations will begin to shine through.

2. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery - Sometimes all we need is a little push and really appreciating the art work of a great artist will help us find our own creativity. Perhaps art isn't your thing but you can always be inspired by someone's clothing or the way a bicycle is made. Anything that will get your creative juices working and trying to figure out how to make something better or how to appreciate all the complexities of each item.

odd as it may seem sometimes all you have to do is take a set back and you might be surprised by all the things around you that are truly inspiring. Perhaps keeping a notebook around to jot down ideas or sketch something that just popped in your head can be a clear way to creating something truly unique!

3. Start a New Habit (a good one!) - This is the kind of challenge that will definitely get you out of your creative funk. Everyday tell, write, shout to the world something that made you happy that day. Was it the gorgeous flowers bursting from the cacti? (when you live in the desert you begin to appreciate the little things) or maybe it was the nice lady who paid for your coffee? or simply the over loving attention of someone's really cute dog. 

Whatever is was that made you feel happy that day, make sure and remember it. Next time you're stuck in a creative rut you can look back and correlate a good time with the yellow flower or the lady's blue shoes or the dog's shaggy brown hair. Studies have shown that certain colors directly correlate with certain emotions and being able to channel those can turn your next project into YOUR own piece of artwork.

4. Show NO Fear - There is an amazing quote by Winston Churchill that I find truly inspiring “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in your life.” Never forget to be yourself we are all unique in our very own ways and only by being so, can we share with the world our thoughts and ideas. Visit new cities try new foods anything to broaden your horizons without ever forgetting what makes you, you. 

Now get out there and make someone's day or... start that new project and make your own day! create create create!