Argenti Paver Versailles Pattern 3 cm


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Sizes: 6x12, 8x16, Versailles Pattern, 3-size Pattern (6x6, 6x12, 12x12).:
Available Finishes: Honed & Chiseled, Tumbled.

Sizes:  6x12, 8x16, Versailles Pattern, 3-size Pattern (6x6, 6x12, 12x12).
Available Finishes:  Honed & Chiseled, Tumbled.


Travertine pavers are used for decorating pool decks around the globe as these are a very good choice because of numerous reasons. Here are some top reasons why Travertine Pavers are considered as best for decorating pool decks.




*Stunning and bold look:  Travertine is a very beautiful stone and it gives a very bold and stunning look to your pool. Blue colored water and brown travertine pavers are an amazing combination. It just leaves everyone stunning.


*Heat and slip resistant:  Travertine Pavers fulfill all standard pool conditions. These are heat and slip resistant and one doesn’t need to worry about all these factors while installing them for the pool.


*Long lasting and environment-friendly:  Travertine pavers are long lasting and environment-friendly. This is why it is becoming a top choice for designers around the globe.


*Versatile:    Travertine Pavers are able to withstand cold weather conditions given that they have been properly installed and are of good quality. These pavers can also withstand extremely hot conditions